Clean kids as easy as ABC

Clean kids as easy as ABC

The kids have barely been back a month but the sparkly new uniforms you sent them back to school in are as distant a memory as Christmas.

A mixture of arts and crafts, school trips, lunchtime dramas and playground scuffles will have left the kids’ uniform looking a bit worse for wear.

It’s a never-ending struggle to keep your kids as clean as the first day back!

Here’s a few top tips for dealing with stains – but remember, we’ve had 30 years of experience at keeping your school uniforms pristine. Get in touch to find out how we can make your kids uniforms go top of the class! It’s as easy as ABC!


When mud stains are dry, scrape away any obvious chunks of it, which you will not want swirling around your washing machine, with a spoon and scrub with an old toothbrush.


An apron can only do so much during art lessons and paint may end up on sleeves. Applying a small amount of detergent to a stain eraser ball then rolling it over stains can help lift them.

Whiteboard marker

Solvents, such as alcohol, and alcohol-based hairsprays and hand soaps, can break down oils found in makers, but ensure you test these with a sponge on a hidden area of clothing first. If discolouring happens, come and see us at Geeves!

Chewing gum

Put items with chewing gum stuck on them in the freezer to solidify the gum before trying to remove it. It makes it easier to pull off, but just be careful with wool.

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