Stains Advice

Removing Stains from Clothes

The nature and age of any stain, combined with the Wine stain on clothescolour of the item, will have a great effect on the outcome of the stain removal.
Sometimes the dye of the cloth, such as linen or silk, can be more soluble than the stain and in trying to remove the stain, the dye will be removed.
Clear drinks such as lemonade and champagne can be blotted away. However, the residual sugar content will remain and may turn the area yellow or brown.
Rubbing a stain on silk, wool or linen will affect the dye of the cloth and will lighten the area, which will become more evident when cleaned.
Always tell your dry cleaner what caused the stain and what steps have been taken to try and remove it.
NEVER rub a stain. Blot with a white absorbent cloth either side of the garment.

Dealing With Stains

The best way to deal with a stain is to bring it into your professional dry cleaner as soon as possible (preferably in the first few days following the incident) and informing the cleaner of the care instructions and the substance causing the stain. This will improve the chances of removing the stain.

Stains or marks on the fabric are generally ‘spot treated’ before the item is cleaned in large dry-cleaning machines, where the solvents dissolve the dirt at low temperatures. The item will then be dried and pressed into shape.