Dry cleaning – why bother?

Dry cleaning – why bother?

‘Dry clean only’ – that’s just for show, right? Wrong.

Ah, but dry cleaning is expensive, isn’t it? Not as expensive as replacing clothes you tried to wash that should not be washed at home.

Unless you’re planning on kitting the kids’ teddies out with new outfits courtesy of the shrinkage in the washing machine – dry cleaning your clothes, not only makes them last longer, but can save you money in the long run.

It’s not just the Cashmere coat and the lace dress either – many shirts and other everyday items are ‘dry clean only’ too. Which means you need the hands of an expert to make sure you continue to look sharp and feel great every time you get dressed. After all, you wouldn’t trust your car’s MOT to your other half, would you?

First off, you need to identify what needs to be dry cleaned.

Some things, like suits and clothing items made out of silk, will almost always require dry cleaning. However, with suits, it is not always necessary to wash them after each use. Simply hang up the suits to air out and, after a few hours in a well-ventilated room. Check to see if the suit jackets have any odours or stains and put all the items that need to get dry cleaned to one side immediately.

Even though some people may view dry cleaning as a hassle, in the end, it’s really not. After all, we will pick up and drop off at our door with our delivery service. We can’t do more than that!

For the latest on our dry cleaning offers, visit one of our branches in Castle Bromwich, Bromsgrove or Streetly.

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