Our guide to your perfect Christmas outfit

Our guide to your perfect Christmas outfit

The halls are about to be decked with bells and holly and the Christmas turkey is about to breathe its last – everything is set for Christmas.

But before the big day comes the Christmas party season. From a few cheeky drinks in town to a more formal festive food outing, people will be raiding their wardrobes for that little black number or the stylish suit to kick off any night out.

Recent studies show that most people in the UK spend an average of 312 hours getting ready for that all important festive bash.

But most people only start to think about their outfit a few days before the night out, only to find a stain from last year or a tear from an over-ambitious move on the dancefloor the previous year.

But fear not – all is not lost! At Geeves Dry Cleaners we have 30 years of experience in making sure people look their best on the office Christmas bash.

We can not only get you clothes clean – including that annoying wine stain! – we can also repair rips and tears in your favourite top or trousers to make your festive outfit as good as new.

It makes good sense to get your clothes repaired and cleaned rather than heading off down the High Street for a new one – it can save you time, hassle and money to let our experienced staff to fix it.

One final tip, make sure you get your clothes cleaned as soon as the hangover has settled on this year’s Christmas do. Moths like nothing more than a garment thrown in the back of the wardrobe for 12 months!

Happy Christmas everyone!

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