Give winter grime the boot!

Give winter grime the boot!

It’s not only your credit cards and heating bills that suffer at this time of year – your footwear can take a pounding too.

The recent snow and ice meant many of us took to the old fashioned method of getting around and walked.

On with the warm suede boots and off we headed into the great frost.

By the time the snow and ice melted, our footwear looks like it’s seen better days. Salt, dirt, grime and frost can play havoc with the delicate suede and leather of your best shoes.

Thankfully, we have years of experience in not only shoe repairing but cleaning shoes. Our experts will painstakingly remove salt and grime from the delicate fabric to have them looking as good as before the snow came.

Supermarket cleaning products simply won’t do in tackling these tough winter stains, you need expert care and specialist techniques to get them clean.

Get in touch and we’ll help you put your best foot forward!

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