Duvet offer to make you sleep soundly!

Duvet offer to make you sleep soundly!

Brrr, it’s getting cold at night! But before you pack away that summer duvet – we’ll give you 25 per cent off a clean throughout October.

Despite this rather kind offer from us, there is a serious side to keeping your duvet clean!

Billions of dust mites, skin scales and fungus have already made it their home. They lie there festering away while you sleep soundly.

If you just pack that away in the bottom of the closet for the next six months, imagine what’s happening to that.

The bacteria is spreading and the problem is growing. By the time the summer comes, those warm sticky nights just add to the problem. Creating a myriad of health implications that ironically made see you holed up in bed for a few days.

The only way to tackle this is to wash your duvet. How often I hear you say? …. Every six months!

We have specially trained staff to get your duvet spotlessly clean. We use the right tools for the job and the expertise to go with it.

Best of all our methods are 100 per cent chemical free so we’re a lot kinder to your stuff and kinder to the environment too.

We’ll save you money and sleepless nights!

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