Curtain Cleaning

The cleaning of curtains and household fabrics need not be a chore.

We can offer a comprehensive service

We recommend cleaning your curtains every two years to minimise deterioration due to grit and dust becoming abrasive within the fabric, thus prolonging their lifespan. We use a high capacity machine, which will accommodate the bulkiest of fabrics and ensures that your curtains are cleaned to a pristine standard.

Precautions to note for curtain cleaning

We are also able to carry out repairs such as lining replacement, shortening etc and would be pleased to offer you a quote for such work.


(Shrinkage) can/will occur during the cleaning of curtains as during manufacture material is stretched and set. This relaxation should not exceed the 4% limit as found acceptable by British Standards but, in some cases, it can be more.

Mixed Fibres

Some curtain materials are labelled as ‘Containing Mixed Fibres’ and these may well be P.V.C. or polypropylene. As neither of these can be safely cleaned, excessive shrinkage will almost certainly occur. ‘Yarn Slippage’ and ‘Bias Distortion’ can also occur with mixed fibre curtains and those that are cut at an angle to the wrap and weft.

Residual Marks

These are marks such as water, crushed pile, ingrained soiling, worn patches and light fade. These are not normally removable during the cleaning process and any attempts to treat may result in further damage to your curtains.

Thermal Linings

These curtains have a rubberized substance coated into either the lining or the curtain direct. When new, this is normally safely cleanable but after an indeterminate period, the effect of light and sunlight can cause this coating to break down and render the curtains un-cleanable.

Ageing of Curtains

Whilst most curtains have little or no wear, they are subject to the actions of light and sunlight which will cause a gradual weakening of the fibres and eventually they will tear and split. With old and frail curtains, this will normally show up first during the cleaning process and will reflect the condition of the material rather than faulty processing.

Pelmets and Tiebacks

Whilst we accept these items for cleaning, we do so only at the owner’s entire risk. Some manufacturers use material (such as P.V.C.) which are totally un-cleanable and do not become evident until after they are cleaned.

Unlabelled Curtains

Most curtains of reputable manufacture contain cleaning instructions and fibre content labels. As we cannot always tell the content or dyeing process of unlabelled curtains, we will not be held responsible for curtains that have no care instructions.